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Twelve Dancing Princesses Coloring Book


The Coloring Book world now includes books that are not line art, but images in shades of grey which are then colored over so the values still show through, giving the pictures depth and realism. The old masters did this with oil paintings in "Grisaille," or tones of grey, and then glazed color over the tones to create pictures with a strong sense of a "light and shade" pattern. I decided to try my hand at producing a coloring book in grey tones, or Grayscale, the term commonly used now. The Twelve Dancing Princesses seemed a perfect choice, as there is so much detail in the pictures. I spent close to a month adjusting the images and getting proofs printed. The tones can't be as dark as the original paintings, especially the flesh tones. Here are some images from the book. THis is available on Amazon as a print book, and also on my ETSY shop as PDF downloads people can print on their paper of choice, as many times as they want. ORDER THE TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES FROM AMAZON HERE   ORDER THE TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES FROM ETSY HERE  

The World of Fairies Adult Coloring Book


the-world-of-fairies_cs-coverMy first Coloring Book For Adults, THE WORLD OF FAIRIES is available on AMAZON, and as a PDF download on my ETSY shop if you prefer to custom print on your choice of  paper.

ORDER The World of Fairies from Amazon HERE

ORDER a Downloadable PDF HERE from ETSY

Here is a free page for you to download, and a colored pencil video tutorial link below. corgi-coloring-demo


  And here is a selection of the 24 images from the book. I created 8 new images for this edition. There is a bonus section at the end with 12 pictures set up in greeting card format. world-of-fairies_preview2world-of-fairies_preview1 world-of-fairies_preview_4 world-of-fairies_preview3    





Friday, December 2nd noon-5 Saturday December 3rd  10-5 Sunday December 4th  noon-5 One Cottage Street Easthampton, MA I will be selling books and prints and more in STUDIO 307




Reception: Sunday, DEC 4th  10-noon

Seventeen of my scratchboard illustrations are on display and for sale. There will also be a selection of books and prints for sale. Join me for some great coffee and pastry! The Cafe also makes excellent breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

88 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA



Saturday, December 10th from 3 -4:30 pm WHITE SQUARE BOOKS

86 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA

My long-awaited book deserves a party! Join me at WHITE SQUARE BOOKS to celebrate the release of my 40-year long dream project: illustrating my favorite Victorian fairy tale. You can pre-order THE GOLDEN KEY at my other events and the books will be ready for you at the bookstore for pick up on the 10th, or at your convenience.

Golden dreams,

Ruth Sanderson




I will be there! Displaying my original illustrations, reading to kids, selling my books and prints. DESCRIPTION FROM MUSEUM WEBSITE: Imaginative Realism combines classical painting techniques with narrative subjects, focusing on the unreal, the unseen, and the impossible. In partnership with IX Arts organizers, the Delaware Art Museum will host the first IX Preview Weekend, celebrating Imaginative Realism and to kick off IX9–the annual groundbreaking art show, symposium, and celebration dedicated solely to the genre. Imaginative Realism is the cutting edge of contemporary painting and illustration and often includes themes related to science fiction and fantasy movies, games, and books. A pop-up exhibition and the weekend of events will feature over 16 contemporary artists internationally recognized for their contributions to Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Marvel, DC Comics, Blizzard Entertainment, and Wizards of the Coast, among others. The weekend will also include after-hours events, performances, exclusive workshops with artists, talks, film screenings, artist signings, live demos, and games. CLICK HERE to go to MUSEUM WEBSITE FOR HOURS

New scratchboard series


I am working on a new scratchboard series (which I am calling INDIA INKED at the present.) Like words, art tells a story, and the fact that people display their stories on their bodies for all the world to see has always intrigued me. They are walking works of art. Many of the pieces will have surreal/evocative elements inspired by the imagery in the tattoos. BW104_Stealing Time

World of Fairies adult coloring book


I am hooked on the adult coloring book idea. I recently finished 15 black and white fairy pen and ink illustrations for inclusion in an upcoming fairy coloring book from Fairy Magazine. I'll post a link when it's available. Corgi Fairy_SandersonMeanwhile, I have been enjoying doing pen and ink drawings of fairies, and have decided to create many more images. I might run a Kickstarter to raise money to print a limited edition of 1000, titled THE WORLD OF FAIRIES Adult Coloring Book. I plan to do some coloring videos too, after I figure out coloring with markers! Trying out a brand called Chameleon, which are quite blendable. I also really love Verithin colored pencils by Prismacolor. Stay tuned! Ruth NEWS! The book is available! I decided to go ahead and self-pub rather than do a Kickstarter. I'll see how it goes, and might do one for my next coloring book, FANTASTIC CATS....



Cinderellas Coach 17x22January 23- July 24  A MAGICAL JOURNEY THROUGH FAIRYTALES

An exhibition at the Wenham Museum of over 50 original paintings from many of my fairytales, as well as my latest book A CASTLE FULL OF CATS, and THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT, a Golden Book I illustrated in the 1980's. The opening is January 23rd, but I will be in Virginia teaching and sadly won't be there for that. However I'll be there on March 20th from 1-3pm for a special event:

Enchanted Adventure Party and Book Signing 132 Main Street Wenham, MA  01984

October 3 2016- April 3rd, 2017

I am helping to organize an exhibition at the D'Amour Museum of Art in Springfield, MA called CATS IN HATS, with over 35 New England Illustrators creating artwork on the theme to coincide with the opening of the new Dr. Seuss Museum opening.


The CATS Have Arrived in the Castle!


A Castle Full of Cats BOOK GIVEAWAY!

To celebrate the release of my new picture book! Simply leave a short comment about  why you love your cat at the bottom of this post or email to enter.

All comments must be posted/emailed by February 21st,

The winner will receive a signed copy of the book, inscribed with a sketch of your favorite cat (you'll need to send me a photo)

The winner will be posted here on February 22nd


The lucky winner is Hilary Welliver for her lovely description of Julian:

"Julian waits in the window to welcome me home each day. His fur is soft and thick, and his markings form a heart on his chest. Julian purrs like a buzz saw. He has the most expressive voice. His paws smell like popcorn."

Congrats, Hilary!

 You can get get your immediate cat and kitten fix HERE

Or order from your local independent bookseller.

They are also in Barnes and Noble

A Castle Full of Cats coverHere are some nice reviews from Kirkus and Booklist:

"Wouldn't anyone be happy with a castle full of cats? "Once there was a queen / who kept a castle full of cats. / She loved the pretty ones and the plain ones, / the sweet ones and the brats." She pampers them with abandon; everyone has fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cats are confident in her love, but they want to win the king's, too. "They tried their best to please him / in oh-so-clever ways, / and left him charming little gifts / to brighten up his days." (These gifts include a mouse in his shoe). They warm his chair in the morning and try to satisfy his love of music and art (with serenades at the piano and claw paintings on the walls). When he becomes upset, the queen just tells him they are only being cats. When he's had enough, he storms off and returns with his idea of the perfect pet: a drooling bull mastiff! Could this be the end of kitty cat fun and games? Not quite...the cats love the present he's brought them. Sanderson's 18th-century king and queen and their adoring brood of pussycats come to life in each detailed, double-page spread watercolor. The palatial rooms and rococo decor will entrance readers, and the purring masses of cats offer plenty of humor for repeat readings Charming, expressive and surprising."  -Kirkus "From the cover crawling with cats to the endpapers showing 37 felines, this is a cat-lover’s dream. Told in rhyming text, a bewigged and beribboned queen loves, loves, loves cats. Her affection is obvious—feline portraits and objects d’art adorn every room. However, the king’s disgruntled face shows his lack of enthusiasm for his wife’s cat-infested household. To win him over, the mousers bring him gifts of fish skeletons and dead mice. Stomping off in a huff, the king retaliates by returning with a Great Dane. Does this spell an end to the fun? No indeed, the menagerie finds the canine to be the purr-fect pal! Sanderson’s artwork depicts beautiful castle interiors filled with light and gilt and glamor. The queen and king are attired sumptuously, and each cat has its own personality with antics to match. Their various colors and breeds make for a fun romp as children can follow each one as they creep and pounce, play and snuggle, and perform mischievous tricks." — Lolly Gepson   -Booklist   Meou!! Ruth
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